Recensioner / reviews - "Comments"

"...stunning sophisticated jazz ... powerful, evocative and very subtle and all the time cruises along with a hypnotic groove. Always infectious and always asking the listener to move with the sound, drenched in a wonderful feel. The choice of material backed up with a stunning band laying down some very cool licks is absolutely perfect. The vocals are superb and add to an overall sound that oozes class and sophistication."
Peter Merritt, Music Manager, PBS 106-7 FM, Melbourne, Australia

"Comments is one of the most sensible, well-balanced jazz projects of these times, rich of classic athmospheres, but also in sinthony with the contemporary culture. It isn't an only good "technical" project, but much more than this: it's a little love act for Jazz, with passion, creativity, intelligence and intensity."
Bruno Pollacci, "Animajazz", Pisa, Italy

"...The compositions are wonderfully lyrical and draw the listener into a world of peace and perfection. September Weekends evokes just the right sense of yearning, and Svante's vocals do full justice to the writing. A great lineup of musicians and a great album."
Helen Jarroe, Cairns FM89.1, Australia

"Excellent original compositions from pianist Henrik Mossberg who displays his workmanship with other top quality musicians either in a trio setting (my favourites as far as I am concerned) or adding trumpet or/and saxophone, some vocal tunes are also present in this album which I strongly recommend as yet another example of excellent nordic jazz, this time from Sweden."
Pascal Dorban, '' programme, Radio ARA, Luxembourg

"Pianist Henrik Mossberg assembles a band of friends that he's performed with over a ten-year period for his debut jazz recording. The results are impressive as he shares the spotlight over ten original compositions. "Comments" and "Make Up Your Mind" feature fine solos from Erik Norstrom (sax) and Mossberg. Svante Thuresson sings a couple of ballads notably "September Weekends". But Henrik's brilliance of shows up on "Morning Shades" and "Sommarregn"- beautiful pieces that have great feel."
D. Oscar Groomes, O's Place Jazz Newsletter

"...I wasn't familiar with Henrik Mossberg until this CD came out. He's a really fine pianist and exceptional composer. I also liked the vocal tracks with Svante Thuresson. All in all an excellent release."
Jacques Emond, CKCU-FM, Ottawa, On, Canada

"A truly extremely enjoyable album with several tracks that I have already started playing on air and I expect to be playing a lot more shortly."
Harold Ellison, "The Jazz Cafe", TripleU-FM Nowra, New South Wales, Australia

"Mossberg is a pianist and composer who belong to the luminously lyrical school of Nordic modern jazz, adding to it the clarion harmonies of traditional hymns. Among his accompanists, bassist Thomas Markusson particularly stands out, soloing with great aplomb on the beautiful "Morning Shades.""
Stuart Broomer, Toronto Life / CODA

" is just beautiful, kind, rich, complex."
Jacques Perrichon, WJAZ, RADIO PLURIEL 91.5

"...the music is splendid... The solos are excellent, and the integrated performances equally so."
Tony Wickham Radio Maldwyn, UK

...Contemporary rhythms, energy and polished musicianship. I enjoyed the vocals."
Richard Good, Radion One 91 FM, New Zealand

"The presentation of music, inside the style and personality reflected in the tracks is very refreshing."
Graham J Barclay, Soundwave FM, New Zealand

"Great work on this disc full of wonderful music."
George Young, Country Club Productions, Australia"

"I really like this disc."
Carole Hayes, Shoalhaven Radio, Australia

"… en flyhänt och lyrisk pianist och en färgrik tonsättare."
Bo Levander, Jönköpings-Posten, den 17 januari 2006

"... visar upp ett moget komponerande och ett drivet pianospel. Musiken är harmoniskt tilltalande och de lyriska kvalitéerna starka. ... Låna Henrik Mossberg ditt öra och jag lovar att du inte blir besviken."
Tor-Björn Lyrhed, Linköpings-Posten den 22 mars 2006

" Det finns en öppenhet, värme och spelglädje i den här musiken som känns befriande … en skiva med tidlös jazzmusik … en upplevelse utöver det vanliga."
Torsten Eckermann, Lira, nr. 5-2005

"Vackert, finstämt och sparsmakat behagligt."
Bengt Öster, ttela, den 19 september 2005

"Jan Allan, Erik Norström och Svante Thuresson […] utför ett utsökt tolkande av Mossbergs melodier … understryker stämningarna i Mossbergs fint färgade harmonik... Samtliga melodier är komna ur hans hand och bjuder mjuk flykt i vacker melodik."
Leif Wigh, Orkester Journalen, nr. 12-2005

"En lyrisk och finstämd jazz … det finns anledning att hoppas att det kommer mera i framtiden."
Kjell Stockhaus, Nerikes Allehanda, den 22 december 2005

"… Just Svantes tolkningar hör till det bästa han någonsin gjort … En skiva som verkligen lyser upp höstmörkret!"
Stig Jonasson, Smålandsposten, den 2 november 2005