Live concerts

Would you like to book Henrik for a live piano performance?

Henrik has many years of experience performing as a jazz- and gospel pianist. His regular accompaniment assignments include working with solo artists, choirs and orchestras. He is also an accomplished organist, giving regular church organ performances.

Henrik has performed with a wide range of Swedish artists including Svante Thuresson, Putte Wickman, Nils Landgren, Lill Lindfors,
Gladys del Pilar, Cecilia Vennersten, Sharon Dyall, Jan Allan,
Erik Norström, Roger Pontare, Triple & Touch, Jessica Andersson, Bohuslän Big Band, GöteborgsMusiken, Lena-Maria Klingvall,
Per-Erik Hallin, Maria Nordenback and Cyndee Peters.

Classically trained, Henrik is a skilled sight reader and a flexible accompanist. He gives regular recitals with both classical vocalists and instrumentalists.

Henrik also plays the accordion and the church organ.

Interested in other ensembles and bands of which Henrik is part of? Contact Mossberg Musikproduktion for additional information, bookings and rates.